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The more I hang out with Gen Z types, the more I think this planet might have a chance of thriving.

I’m an older Millennial who came of age in the early noughties. It was a time of latent sexism, casual homophobia, and slut shaming.

Gen Zs are coming of…

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Man, mainstream financial advice is pervasive.

I’ve just spent three days with my parents-in-law. After a few glasses of wine, they steered the conversation towards finance, the source of many an argument in the past. This time I decided instead of getting pissed off, I’d take a curious approach to…

Day 12 out of 14: charity shop sweater, old jeans, husband’s jacket (photo courtesy of author)

For two weeks in December, what you see in the above picture was the full extent of my wardrobe. A travesty by mainstream standards, where women are judged by their shoe collection and fast fashion reigns supreme.

I had been traveling Europe since August. Naturally, I prioritized summer clothes back…

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We’re all told we should learn from our mistakes and that we can learn more from our failures than our successes. Yet the world we live in is image-crafted beyond recognition.

You can tell me all you like about famous people who failed multiple times before they found success, but…

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No one moves to a country where an act as simple as ordering from a deli counter is terrifying, just because their savings need a boost.

No one endures lengthy and stressful visa applications just because they hear rents are 20% cheaper in their new home than in their own…

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